Frequently asked questions

I have forgotten my password; how do I retrieve my password?
Click on the link "Forgot your password?". Then enter your email en press 'Send'. You will then receive an email with a link to reset your password.
Why do I need to enter my e-mail address, when I only want to cross off a gift
To prevent abuse of lists, we ask everyone to register.
Only registered people can cross off gifts and post comments to lists.
This way we try to stop people from abusing the list.
Registered people can also "uncheck" gifts, when for example the purchase failed.
How can I delete my profile/account?
You can delete your wish list by going to the 'Profile' page and selecting 'Delete profile'. This will delete your profile and all your wishlists.
I want to discard an old wish list, but I don't remember or don't have the e-mail address any more. What can I do?
Send an e-mail to [email protected] asking for your old wish list to be deleted. Give precise information about which wish list you want deleted, and try to give as much information as possible about it (name, address, place of residence, passwords, etc.).
How can I delete gifts from my wish list?
Gifts can be removed by clicking the button next to the gift. There you will find the option to remove it.
I have only one e-mail address. Can I create several wish lists with the same e-mail address?
Yes, you can create several wish lists on one e-mail address. This is how you do it:

Suppose your e-mail address is: [email protected]

Suppose you want to create wish lists for John and Peter. In that case,
- create a wish list with John's name, entering as an e-mail address: [email protected]
- Create a wish list in Peter's name, entering as an e-mail address: [email protected]

This way you can create an endless number of lists using 1 e-mail address
Can all my friends see my wish list?
Yes, provided they can answer a personal question that you have set up when you first created your wish list.
Is it possible for third parties to find out my e-mail address via
No, this is impossible. Your e-mail address is never shown on a page or used in a URL.
Can you delete my personal information?
You can do this yourself. Press the "Delete profile" button under "My profile". Or use the contact form if you need further assistance.
Can I export my personal data?
If you request a copy of your personal data via the contact form, we will arrange this for you.
Will my personal information be used for commercial purposes?
No, does not give any personal information to third parties.
Does use cookies?
Yes, uses cookies. This means you do not need to enter your name and password each time you visit If you do not wish it to do so (e.g. because you share the computer with others), you can, once you have finished, click on 'log out'. In that case you will have to log in again next time you visit
Where and how can I report a bug in
If you have found a security problem on we would gladly hear about it. Please use the contact form or mail to [email protected] and we will quickly get back to you. We will keep you well informed as a finder. We will report the problem to the Dutch Data Protection Authority and the affected users if necessary.